About Circus Tram

CIRCUS TRAM establishes a patronage model to support Hong Kong talents and creativity, substantiated by ‘curatorship’ - with onboard artistic programme and performances, as well as thought-provoking dialogue across businesses, generations and nationalities. Layout with three thematic rooms, the new tram is designed to accommodate:

  • Official and diplomatic receptions
  • Corporate functions
  • Delegation groups and important guest visits
  • Artistic salons and cultural exchanges
  • Private celebrations
  • Quarterly rides for invited underprivileged groups

The CIRCUS curatorial team has long experience working with Hong Kong Tramways, including four prototypes trams converted and co-developed during DETOUR 2013 with great response. The latest CIRCUS TRAM is again a bespoke design, brought to life by a team of Hong Kong emerging designers, architects, artists and curators, working with Hong Kong Tramways’ engineers, technicians and craftsmen. Many features are novel and tailored, including:

  • Articulated interior and room experience
  • Air-conditioned cabins
  • Premium fitting out with design furniture and upholstery
  • Premium lighting and sound system
  • Built-in catering unit, refrigerator, washbasin and restroom on-board

About Circus

The Circus name originated with a group of enthusiasts calling themselves The Research Consortium for Cultural, Social and Urban Innovations. Living out the 21st century, we embrace the emerging values of knowledge economy, design thinking, maker movement, social diversity, urban ecology, resilient community, sharing culture. We break silos, and we synergize resources across disciplines and borders.

About HK Tramways

Hong Kong Tramways has been serving Hong Kong since 1904 and operates nowadays a fleet of 165 tramcars including 2 antique party tramcars and 1 unique “TramOramic Tour” sightseeing tramcar. It is the world’s largest fleet of double-deck tramcars in operation, carrying up to 200,000 passengers every day. Tramways keeps up efforts in developing a world-wide recognized icon while striving to go beyond the expectations of the 21st century passengers to offer the greenest, most affordable and most convenient transport mode in Hong Kong.


Rex Lau, Founding Partner & CEO / Alvin Yip, Founding Partner & Curator-in-chief / Polly Cheuk / Jenny Choi / Teresa Hui / Sharon Lee / Kevin Chiu / Toby Sum / Billy Wong

Hong Kong Tramways

Cyril Aubin, Managing Director / Antoine Sambin, Head of Commercial and Corporate Affairs / Steven Chan / Benjamin Lee / Eddie Yau / Andrew Siu / KH Lam / Sam Tsui / Jack Kwan / Tony Wong / Benny Lam  / John Lam / And all depot staff, craftsmen and technicians

and our heartfelt gratitude to

Billy Potts / Jacqueline Chak / Natalie Chang / Johan Ducroquet / Henrik Hoeg / Jun Hong / Dylan Kwok / Hebitz Lau / Amus Leung / Kelvin Leung / Leung Siu Chung / Alky Ma  / Alex Tai / Albert Poon / Wong Chi Wai / Xavier Tsang / Eric Yip / Avis Chan / Raymond Chan / Ivan Lai / James Lee / Vincent Leung / Shirley Wong / Noel Chu / Iris Ng / Pauline Chan / Irene Ito / Anthony Yu / Tommy Li / Stephen Ip / WT Hung / Eric Ting / Eric Berti / Bernard Chan / Cathy Chu / Carmen Yu / HKSAR TD / EMSD / FEHD  /
and many many others advising for CIRCUS TRAM